A Brief Hiostory

Sri Navdurga Billets Pvt. Ltd. was originally incorporated in 2007.

Soon after, the company set up a 25-M.T. induction furnace unit in February 2008 at Moti Ghanpur in Mahaboobnagar District. This unit manufactures high-quality M.S. Ingots.

Considering the prevalent conditions at the time, the company also set up a steel re-rolling mill. The re-rolling mill is equipped with the best available technology to manufacture the high-grade steel for the construction sector.

Keeping up With Technology

The main plant is equipped with the latest Thermex technology as well as a CNC machine by Sparkonix. Due to our advanced infrastructure, we can effectively control the cost of production.

Our high-quality products surpass the prescribed national and even international standards.

This unit is designed to manufacture high quality TMT steel bars used in construction and infrastructure development. Our plant is situated across 10 acres of land with a constructed area of 80,000 sq. ft., and is well-equipped with a 410 mm Mill.