The SND Group – In A Nutshell

In order to go beyond the standards we set for ourselves, we need to constantly innovate. That's what the SND group is all about.

Like a sturdy tree that sheds dead leaves to bloom once again, we unceasingly discard old practices and use our success as the motivation to explore new vistas of opportunity.

Our Origins

An enterprise born of a dream and shaped by tireless hard work—the easiest way to describe our group. Today, the seed of one person’s vision has grown into a tall, branching tree that grows ever higher.

Our group has spawned many different ventures, spurred on by the determination of a team that is never content to rest on its laurels. Excellence didn’t come to the group by chance; it was the single-minded pursuit of perfection that resulted in our success.

The Navdurga group began in 1951, when a team of dynamic entrepreneurs decided to transform their window of opportunity into a long and adventurous journey.

Equipped with skill, experience and unbounded enthusiasm, our group's founders charted new territories and established the foundations of a corporate empire that has evolved into one of the most successful groups of companies in the country today.

Standing (L to R) : Rishikant, Rajnikant, Shashikant

Sitting (L to R) : Nitin, Mahesh Kumar, Chandrakant, Kamalkant, Sachin

Key Members